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Neither the webmaster nor the VMOA board have authenticated the claims or any guarantees as offered by individual "posters", advertisers or any other contributors within this website, in the public or the member areas of this website or in the VBoost magazine, and will not assume any liability for any products, services advertised or any technical information, listed or mentioned herein. Further the Officers/Directors/Chapter Leaders/Webmaster assume no liability for any content of "Linked" websites or listed businesses or in the VBoost magazine. The VMOA it's Officers/Directors/Chapter Leaders/Webmaster do not condon the use of vulgarity or personal attacks in any of the interactive areas of this website or in the VBoost magazine.

Please be aware that any modifications to your motorcycle while the factory warranty is still active might void that warranty. Further, The VMOA accepts no liability for any modification an individual might make to their Motorcycle as a result of any information "downloaded" from this website or obtained from the VBoost magazine.

The VMOA does not condone, encourage or endorse the operation of any Motor vehicle in an inappropriate manner or contrary to local traffic regulations, especially during an official VMOA event. The VMOA promotes the use of all appropriate safety equipment when riding a motorcycle.

Written by: Michael Moore 2013/7/30