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VBoost Magazine

To Review all of the past Issues please go to our VMOA MAGAZINE PREVIEW, or click on the link, on the right side bottom of the screen, which will open the V-Boost magazine Master Index page. There you will find every magazine ever published with a synopsis of each issue along with a photo of the cover.

All members
are encouraged to submit any V-max, V-Boost, or VMOA related articles, comments, and/or photos for use in the magazine. Text submissions forwarded as part of an email message are preferred but almost any format is acceptable. This would include MS Word, Word Pad, Notepad or plain text documents as email attachments or even plain paper with typewritten or legible handwritten text.

Suitably sized digital photos are preferred as they provide the most flexibility when adjusting for appearance and actual placement within the magazine. Please be aware that photos appearing in the V-boost are used at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. This means that any digital photo that you submit will usually have the ability to appear in the magazine at approximately 1/3 the size it appears on your computer screen. This makes a 640x480 pixel 72dpi screen photo pretty much the minimum practical size that can be used. So please set your camera to "Fine" or "Super fine". This will give you a large file size. Good quality photos may be manipulated with a great deal of success, it is always easier to reduce a photo than enlarge it and of course every effort will be made to use anything received. If you would like a photo considered for a cover please take the photo in the "Portrait" format, in other words, turn the camera on it's side.

Individual email submissions including digital photos or other material should be limited to a maximum size of 4 megabytes each for ease of handling. Actual photo format is not important but generally a "jpg" format photo as large as 1600x1200 pixels will transmit at less than 1 1/4 megabytes in size.
It helps if you use a "Zip" utility to compress your photos and text file...

We also accept regular Photos, hand written leters, reviews, tech tips, event reports, ETC... by regular mail. Any photos or other material received non-electronically will be returned if requested.

If you have questions regarding the suitability of any material for submission please contact the V-Boost Magazine Editor for assistance.


Email address for 'electronic' submissions:

V-Boost Magazine Editor

Snail Mail Address:
1519 Monticello Street
Deltona, FL. 32725-4835

Phone: (386) 532-2080
Cell: (386) 804 4287


Publishing Dates & Submission Cutoff Dates

The first date is the submission cutoff date, the second date, (in Red), is the Publishing date:

*Winter - Midnight December 31st  - Feb. 1st
*Spring - Midnight March 30st  - May. 1st
*Summer - Midnight June 30st  - Aug. 1st
*Fall - Midnight September 30st  - Nov. 1st

* These dates are subject to change.

Timely distribution of this publication is the primary objective of the VMOA. All comments,
questions and suggestions in regard to the V-Boost publication are welcome and appreciated.

Advertising rates for the V-Boost Magazine

The V-Boost Magazine is the official publication of the VMOA, (Vmax Owners Association), and is printed on a quarterly basis
and is Circulated worldwide to the associationmembers.

Please keep in mind that this magazine,
although not distributed to the general public, is kept by the membership of the VMOA and is passed around and refered to long after the publishing date!

Ad prices, below, are for vendor supplied advertisements containing either text or graphics or both.
If you want to advertise in the V-Boost but do not have "ready" art work or copy we can,
for an additional charge (depending on add size, Etc), accomodate your needs.

For more Information Contact: the Vendor Liaison - for additional information or to place an ad please call 513 885-1882

Reach over 1200 dedicated VMax owners!  (*Average active membership of the VMOA world wide)

VMOA Print Ad price schedule:
We offer full color advertising! See price schedule below. (All prices are single issue rates) Placement within the magazine is at the editor’s
discretion, (unless other arrangements have been made).  The VMOA now offers special advertising package deals.  These “Deals” include magazine and website banner advertising at discounted rates.  (Contact the Vendor Liaison for details about package deals & payment options)

Inside pages:
Full Page Color = $300.00
1/2 Page Color = $170.00
1/4 Page Color = $95.00
1/8 Page (Business card size)Color = $55.00

Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover or
Outside Back Cover:
Full Color/full bleeds.
Full Page = $450.00
1/2 Page = $240.00
1/4 Page = $140.00
1/8 Page = $85.00

Website banner on www.vmoa.net $50.00 ( This can be had for free by purchasing a full 4 editions in the vboost magazine.)

If you pay for ANY FOUR editions,(non calendar year) you receive an additional 10% off your purchase as well as a free banner on our website (www.vmoa.net) a 50 dollar value this 10% off discount applies to all sizes available.

*The VMOA magazine editor is available, at very reasonable rates, if your company needs Print ad design or Web site banner ad design. Please contact him for a quote.

For more information please contact the
Vendor Liaison:
Rick Fambry

Written by: Michael Moore 2012/10/7