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2nd gen in Hawaii
Just popping in
2020/5/24 4:15
From Honolulu
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Aloha all! I'm not exactly new to VMAXs, as I grew up around them. My father is Rich Beauregard, who was fairly active in the community back in the day and has had quite a few VMAXs. My brother has also had a few VMAXs, and that's what brings me here. I am currently fixing up my brother's 2009 VMAX (I'm doing the work since I'm a bit more mechanically inclined), so he can give it to our father as a gift. The bike has some issues with first gear, but after talking with Sean Morley, I have ordered the parts I need to fix that. The bike has some rusty/corroded bolts as it has spent a good deal of time outside in Hawaii, so I ordered all new high quality U.S. stainless bolts for it from ProBolt. The handle bars have some rust and I would like to replace them, does anyone know of some good stainless or high quality aluminum (maybe 7075 or 6063?) bars that will fit that 1 1/8" center with 7/8" ends and not hit the scoops at full lock? Also going to do some basic stuff like a Delkevic 14" carbon exhaust with de-cat, K&N intake, lock-up clutch, EBC HH brakes, and I'm going to derestrict it and dyno tune it. Does anyone have fuel/ign/throttle maps for a similar setup that they would be willing to share to give me a better starting point and save me some time on the dyno? Also, I want to upgrade the suspension to perform a bit better, but none of the usual routes (Ohlins, RaceTech, etc.) offer anything for this bike in terms of valving and springs (I have reached out to several companies about possibly making some custom springs though). What are you all doing for this? Does anyone have custom suspension? I would love to see it! This thing is definitely a far cry from the sportsbikes I usually work on (I daily a Hayabusa, and I modify and maintain my friend's CBR1000RR, RSV4RR, and GSX-R1000R), but I've always loved VMAXs and would love to bring this thing to its full potential before sending it off to my dad. Thanks in advance for any help or information, and thanks to Sean for the help he has already provided!

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Posted on: 2020/5/26 21:49

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