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2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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Sept 6, 2013

Dennis J. Tobin
Instructor, A6 Electrical
Remy International, Inc.

• Make sure the battery can pass both the state of charge test ( minimum of 12.4 volts DC ) & a carbon pile load test.
• Remove side cover, right side, & locate the 3 stator wire connections to the voltage regulator/rectifier bridge unit.
• Even if the 3 stator connections look physically look good to the naked eye, replace all 3 stock Yamaha connectors, using rosin core solder & heat shrink tubing.
• These 3 stator connections are critical.
• Next follow the red (+) wire from the voltage regulator to the stock wiring harness.
• Just as Sean indicated, there is a factory crimp that ties this wire into another red wire that runs up to the key on-off handlebar switch.
• Eliminate that stock Yamaha crimp, even if it looks pristine.
• Solder a 12 ga red (+) wire to stock Vmax volt regulator
• Solder a 12 ga black (-) wire to the stock Vmax volt regulator
• Connect both volt reg (+) and (-) wires directly to the battery posts.
• Do not use the stock wiring Vmax harness.
• Install the 30 amp fuse in series anywhere you can find space, in the red wire from the on-off handlebar switch.
• There is ample room for the 30 amp fuse on the left side of battery.
• Do not use after market plastic connectors on the 3 stator to voltage regulator white or yellow wires.
• All connections should be soldered, along with heat shrink tubing.
• Last, but not least, run a braided ground strap from the frame, directly to battery (-).
• Lightly sand the black paint from the bolt hole 4 this braided ground strap. See photo & note pencil point.
• The other smaller ga wires at this location are for (optional) a digital voltmeter & a battery maintainer.
• Contingent on the quality of the soldered connections & the strength of the battery, as engine idle, with electric loads on, you should have OVER 14 volts at the battery terminals/post. See the 2nd photo.

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Posted on: 2013/10/19 11:53
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
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