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TECH REVIEW: Ecliptec Shift LIght
2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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FROM: Winter 2013 VBOOST

When I was setting up my 2005 Yamaha VMax a few years back, I had several things to consider. As when we all acquire a VMax, we start a punch list of things we would like to do within our monetary reach. One was to get a durable shift light that was waterproof. After searching and searching the Internet of options, I found the Ecliptech Shift Light, the ideal product. There are several key features that stood out with this design product. Here are the top ones to me:
1. Clean installation: looks like a part of the bike.
2. Waterproof: a must for a bike.
3. Rugged design: very durable.
4. Fully programmable: plenty of options.
5. Built in volt meter: this shows battery status.
These were the top features to me, but you can see a full listing of features here:
This shift light comes in several different setups. You can order the light in several different configurations from curved to straight and different color patterns. I’ve even heard that they can customize the lights for you too; I’m sure for a fee of course! Installation: The installation was very simple and takes less than an hour, if you’re mechanically inclined. I found this to be a very easy install. Here are the steps to wiring up the Ecliptech Shift Light:
● Find your ideal mounting location for the Ecliptech Shift Light. ● Route the wiring from your desired mounting point down towards the gauge cluster.
● Remove your faux tank cover.
● Remove the top of the air box by removing the 6 bolts and 2 screws (cover with towel so nothing falls into engine).
● Locate & remove the two mounting screws on the bottom of the gauge cluster.
●Turn the gauge cluster over carefully and rest on a towel so you don’t scratch it.
●Identify the 3 wires (Black = Ground), (Grey & Yellow = Tachometer) & (Brown = switched 12 volt connection)
● Loosen the individual wire contacts and attach the shift light wires as shown above in the proper sequence. You may want to tape your wires or use an H – connector as I did.
● Once all the wires are connected, you will want to turn on the bike’s ignition to ACC to validate the shift light works prior to installing the gauge cluster.
● Now that you confirmed all works, mount the gauge cluster with 2 screws.
● Replace our air box cover.
● Replace your faux tank cover.
● Now all you have to do is program the shift light to your preferred settings (refer to manual).
I have found this shift light to be very durable. The LED lights (green/yellow/red) are very bright and can be configured to 12 different settings. The LED lights are dimming therefore not overbearing. At night, they are intensely bright. I ride in the early morning when it’s dark and these look awesome. I like being able to see the status of my battery upon startup so I know if there are issues that prevail. There is a built in overcharge alert to warn of potential issues too. There are so many bells and whistles built into this shift light. Please refer to the instruction manual below for all of the details on what this little powerful shift light is capable of doing.
https://ecliptech.com.au/wp-content/up ... 0/shift_i_user_manual.pdf
My setup, is the curved version with green/yellow/red lights. The lights are set to progressively all light up between 3,000 rpm to 8000 rpm to give me shifting leeway at the redline. As shown in the photo above, these LED's are intensely bright! The shift light is held on with the supplied double sided tape. The mount is not perfect due to the Speedo's curvature, but it has worked just fine for the past 2 years that it has been installed. Now you’re wondering where you can get one for yourself. I have worked out a deal with a USA based vendor for special pricing. Here are the details now: Retail $165 any standard configuration (color/shape) Special deal: $139 any standard configuration (color/shape) Vendor:
MicroImage @ 818 610 3635 speak with Garm or Jeff and mention your with VMOA.net. I hope everyone enjoys this review and if you have further question please feel free to contact me at webmaster@vmoa.net

Be safe and ride hard…
Michael Moore #2116
VMOA MD Chapter Leader

Posted on: 2013/11/4 14:41
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
VMOA Webmaster

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