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BrakeAway Cruise Control
2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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FROM: Summer 2012 VBOOST

During the winter/fall season and anticipating the long ride, to Des Moines for the birth of my Great Grandson, which did not happen, the ride not the birth!… the reason for not making the ride is another story… I was looking at “things” that would make the ride of over 2000 miles round trip easier. I already have the Top 3 gallon gas tank, so I can carry 7 gallons and go 250 miles with out worrying about gas… for the bike that is! I have used a couple of Throttle locks, in the past. You all know the ones, they are made of a plastic composite material and kind of snap on to your throttle they have a thumb lock and most times the back pressure of the throttle return spring overrides the throttle lock and the bike starts to slow down… you have to keep adjusting it, to much tension and the throttle return can’t overcome the tension…

I have also used one of the palm rest wrap around throttle assist thingy. Not a true throttle lock but this very inexpensive item does help eliminate wrist tingling & fatigue.

Since I have been down this road before, I wanted something a bit more substantial and with a bit more engineering. I was also looking for a true Throttle lock.

After a couple of hours of research, you really have to love the Internet for this, I found the BrakeAway Throttle lock. Made by BrakeAway Products, Inc.:


TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, I KNOW MANY OF YOU ARE ASKING… Yes, this made in the USA CNC machined from Billet aluminum Mechanical throttle lock was expensive! I found a new one on E-Bay for $188… ouch but it came with free shipping! I ordered it… It arrived in under 4 days in it’s original packaging with it’s original price tag still affixed!

I was totally impressed upon opening the package and inspecting the contents, there was:

● The mechanism itself
● An 8 page install manual
● A zip lock bag w/loose components and hardware

Now on to the 8 page installation instruction, trouble shooting Manual…
There are at least 20 steps for a proper install. Each one is addressed with concise English, (not a translation) so the instructions are easy to read, and understand. There is a parts diagram which identifies each component right down to nuts and bolts.

Each step is fully illustrated & documented with Photos to make sure that you don’t get lost! Some of us are more visual that others! Just as all of the final adjustment procedures are also.

The use of this throttle lock could not be easier or safer… Just hold your throttle at the desired RPM or Speed, and push in on the thumb lever… to deactivate it just push the thumb “disengage” lever or just pull in your front brake lever to disengage the lock.

All in all I give this product a Solid 10! By the way it works fantastically and I highly recommend it!

Later/Steve Jasse

Posted on: 2013/11/5 11:30
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
VMOA Webmaster

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