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TECH REVIEW: Ride On Tire Protection
2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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First, I’d like to add a huge +1 to the product review in the last issue; the “BrakeAway Cruise Control”. OK, that’s a poor description because it really is a throttle lock, it won’t really adjust your speed, like a true cruise control would. I really love this thing. I’ve had one on my Max for years, and if I had to start over and only be able to buy one accessory, for my bike, this would be it! The feature of having it a little “trip” cam right behind your brake lever, so that when you touch the brake it automatically disengages, is really great and makes it feel safe. Last thing you have time for, when you need to stop “NOW”, is to be fiddling with unscrewing something or or searching for the “OFF” switch!

This review however, is about Ride-On Tire Protection; www.ride-on.com

I discovered this product a few months ago when I took my wheels in to have new tires mounted. The shop said “Hey we have this new “stuff” we just got in. Would you like to try it out? You would be our first customer.” So we started talking. I asked lots of questions and was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. I have read about other products guys have used, (like Dynabeads), and have never really been motivated to try them.

Ride-On is a gel and it’s supposed to do two things:

1. Instantly (or nearly) deal with even pretty severe punctures.

2. Balance the tire without the use of wheel weights.

On this last point I asked about speed rating and I mentioned that I ride “a little fast sometimes”. They had no information about the products speed rating. As an aside my tires of choice, these days, are Avons, the AM26 Roadrider on the front and the AM42, Venom, on the back. Stock sizes and V-rated.

Anyway, they showed me the marketing literature, videos and U-tube links. There were a lot of non-company folks that had done reviews.

Eventually they said if I didn’t like it “they’d take my wheels and tires off, for free and put the normal wheel weights back on”. So I said I would be their guinea pig customer and give them a report.

I can only report on the balancing properties, I have no input to give (Thankfully!!) on the puncture sealing properties. After putting the wheels back on, I immediately went out and cranked it up. Slowly, bit by bit, riding a little at each speed to see how it felt.

As of this article, I have ridden, at least, a couple thousand miles and have had it up over 130 mph for a good long run. The bike runs smooth as butter! A quote from their ad, on this feature, is;

“Ride-On is specially formulated to hydro-dynamically balance high-speed tires and dampen road noise and vibrations that cause a rough ride. The great thing is Ride- On will continue to adjust and literally re-balance your tires as you ride for the life of the tires.“

I have been to a Total Control riding class ;(www.totalcontroltraining.net) and can say that I can make very tight corners, without any trouble. I’ve also played with this on the curvy roads in my area, like along the Clackamas River above Estacada OR, and have scraped foot pegs with the bike feeling very solid.

I had previously modified the suspension, somewhat, so that probably helps also:

● Intiminator dampeners plus Progressive springs in front (not lowered).

● Progressive 440 shocks on the rear. (I noticed recently on Progressive’s site that the 440’s are no longer available.)

Ride On has a detailed chart of tire sizes and how much product to put in the tire, depending on your size. I mean your tire’s size, ha ha. The company has its own U-Tube clip at:


And there is a 23 second “how does it work” (for sealing) clip at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKn9tDMryaE

You can see how it actually looks, inside a tire, on the video that is on the page:


Competition accessories has a good review at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqkBfEHYzxw

Another similar link is www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CwxMYpgBLU

I do like a quote from their ads, it addresses things I’ve thought of: “Yeah, we know, tire sealants suck! Sealing punctures is not difficult. Doing so without rusting the wheels, throwing them out of balance, or creating a disgusting mess - that’s the trick.“ Assuming their product actually does what they claim. I hope I never actually find out if their “sealing” feature really works!

Todd Allen, Pdxvmax-5257

Posted on: 2013/11/4 14:59

Edited by vmax2extreme on 2013/11/4 17:56:47
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
VMOA Webmaster

Re: TECH REVIEW: Ride On Tire Protection
Just popping in
2013/10/22 2:15
From Mount Airy, NC
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Those are some great tips. I will be sure to look into them further. I also will be checking out more of these articles for tips. Being a VMAX Newbie, I feel the need for Information. Thanks.

Posted on: 2013/11/5 2:57

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