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2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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FROM: Summer 2013 VBOOST

My name is Jon Lewis and I from Missouri, in the Northern Great Plains Region. I have ridden some sort of motorcycle since I was 6. My VMOA number is #4701. I joined the VMOA several years back, I’m guess¬ing 8. I have been the VMOA Secre¬tary, I think, for a couple of years. The board members we have now are dedicated to the Vmax and the VMOA. Good group of guys and gals.
I joined the VMOA because Sean Morley kept posting “Welcome to the VMOA!” As his signature on the Yahoo message boards. This guy was so helpful with tech knowledge that he saved me a ton of money, enough to buy a membership by far, in mechanic bills. I checked it out and found out they had a V-Boost publication, Vmax only magazine, and that really sold me. I also got a nice discount on parts for rebuilding my carbs. This is why I first bought my membership.
Of course like everyone I had wanted one since I saw them in 1985. The legend of horse¬power and V-boost had me drool¬ing. I got my Yellow 1994 Vmax from a guy South of St. Louis on “Craigslist” and I had it for about 6 years. It had all the goodies;
Progressive lowered suspension
UFO Rims, pipes, seat, stage 7 (converted later to a Morley Mus¬cle kit)
Knee pucks & Frame braces from England (they came later)
Chrome everywhere.

As soon as he started it up I wanted it. Rode it, Put it in the back of my truck and hauled it 5 hours home. Turns out the stage 7 was set up totally wrong, with washers in the wrong spot or even missing on the needles, and I rode it for a year or so like that.
I ran into Mark Milne on the “boards” and he offered to rebuild my carbs at a decent price, as it turned out the diaphragms had pin holes and needed to be replaced. Don’t know if you priced those lately but ouch! Anyway, another save from a VMOA member. He found me a good price from our discount vendors for the VMOA and saved me, no shit, about 80$ overall. Bam! Two more years VMOA membership. Plus I put a Morley Muscle Jet kit in place of the Stage 7, that made a huge difference with the vacuum and tuning. Btw… when I told Sean I wanted to trade the stage 7 for his Morley air box, Sean Morley told me he would tune what I had at the next Dyno days for free if I wanted to save some money. Come on! Who does that? I declined; I wanted one of his air boxes!
After talking to these guys, Sean and Mark, I had to meet them. These guys are what the VMOA is about. They give their expertise and advise graciously. So after many years of hearing about the VMOA “Topeka Dyno Drag Days” that they put on ev¬ery summer, around June or July, I got a chance to go meet them.
As it turns out I had just sold my 1994 Vmax for a Harley Tour bike, to make long travel more comfy for my wife and I. (I am actively hound¬ing my wife for a second bike, Gen- II Vmax... pray for me). I couldn’t make it up for the weekend but I rode from Chillicothe MO. to Topeka KS. that Sunday as fast as the “Hardley” would take me. It was a scorcher, 100 plus degrees F. I pulled in and parked my respectable distance from the Vmax pack, ha, ha.
Most people had left for the weekend as I got there at the very end. But there was Mark and Sean with a fellah’s bike still up on the lift. If I remember right they were swapping cams or something. Sean’s DAUGHTER was actually doing a lot of the work. I’m not sure but she has to be all of 13 years old, wrench in hand, going to town working on this guys bike! There were still 8 or 10 Vmax’s left. So I went to check them out. Man some beastly machines in that parking lot. All the goodies you see on the “Net” but rarely in person. It was great for a Vmax guy.
If you ever get a chance to go to a Vmax gathering I would say do it. It is really cool seeing all the same likeminded guys with totally dif¬ferent versions of the same bad ass growling bike.
This is the way the Vmax community is, I have gave parts to a few guys over the years. I mean what’s a VW carb synchronizer, or some old case savers you aren’t us¬ing going to do in the garage? BUT in return I have received real Maine Maple Syrup and Blueberry Jam, Just out of the blue. I’ve traded for knee puck and frame braces. And in return I was invited to stay at his house on the coast for a week, anoth¬er invited me to stay in Mexico with him. Those stories go on and on over the years. This Vmax community is like no other in giving. Great group of people. Hope you enjoy the pics. Ride hard.

Jon Lewis
VMOA #4701
VMOA Secretary

Posted on: 2013/11/4 12:36
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
VMOA Webmaster

Just popping in
2013/9/30 13:07
From Barrie
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Hi, im Ted,
I fell in love with the vmax since my pal had an 85. He was 300lbs and I had a 78 Honda cbk at the time. crash bar, highway pegs, chrome pipes, was a pretty quick bike for the time.
Then we went for a ride, I saw him open it up and climb a hill like an f18. I was laughing so hard in awe of this rocket. Loved the look already and that sealed the deal. I bought my first 99vmax with the carbon fiber tank and fenders. Was a great ride, put 32000 kms before I wrote it off on a curve doing 80km/hr. took 7 years and a divorce before I could replace it. I waited for the new gen 11 to come out. Im now the proud owner of a 2013 with carbon fibre fenders and tank. Put 19000 on her in 2013 just around Ontario Canada. Love the look and feel, the handling is second to none, 100% better than the 99 vmax was. Mind you I kind of liked the way she would bunny hop when you opened her up.
She handles the curves much better, still not like an R1 or gsxr but close enough. I can smoke em on the straight away and by the time they hit the twistys im already gone!! ;)

Cant wait till summer to do some good touring :)

Posted on: 2014/2/4 15:12
Gen 11 Vmax, the fastest rocket on two wheels, you don't ride it, you launch it!!


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