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Daytona Fun Machines
Quite a regular
1999/2/2 12:00
From Deltona
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Hi my Vmax friends;

I would like to relate a very recent experience I had (Saturday October 5th, 2013) with the service department at Daytona Fun machines, on US 1.

Saturday was our employee meeting at the Iron Horse Saloon. I live approximately 42 miles south of the Saloon, a fairly straight ride on I-4 and then I-95. About 3/4 of the way there, on I95 i was crusing along at about 80mph in very light traffic, it was 9:30 in the morning. All of a sudden my bike lost a lot of power and started popping and "coughing". I had to increase the "twist" to the throtle just to keep up a safe speed on the highway. I was very close to the exit which would put me about 3 miles from the local Yamaha/Honda Dealer, Daytona Fun Machines.

I was able to nurse my sick VMax to their service department... I told the service manager that The bike had dopped one or two cylinders and ask that they please pull the plugs and replace all four... and to keep them for me to inspect... As I was late for the employee meeting I call the Saloon and had someone come and get me... 

After the Meeting I called the service department and spoke with the service manager on duty... It was around 12:30 and i wanted to know if they had inspected the plugs... he said they had not gotten that far because the "tech" that was working on the bike reported to him that my entire rack of carbs were no good!!!!! He continued to inform me that it would caost me 1200$ plus labor to R&R them with a new set of carbs.... and that they would have to order them which could take up to two weeks!!!!!!

I was somewhat amused and angered that they asummed I was a blanking idiot and was going to believe them!

He continued to try to convince me that my carbs were in terible shape and needed to be replaced! This went on for ten minute, on the phone. I of course new that there was nothing wrong with my carbs and that it was only one or two plugs that had gone bad...

I insisted that they pull the plugs and replace them with the exact plug modle that was in the bike... and again I told him that I wanted to see the plugs they took out. And to call me when they were done so I could get a ride to pick up the bike... 

I waited until 5pm... no phone call.... so I just had someone drop me off, and wait, while I went inside. 

The servise manager had my plugs and sure enough the left front plug was completely shot... I asked him why his tech was even looking at my carbs and tryingto make adjustments to them without my authorization... he had no logical answer... I reminded him that when I dropped the bike off I told him it was a plug issue... and only asked that they R&R the plugs...

He then presented me with a bill for 96$!!!!! And made me sign a release that specified I would not hold them responsible for the condition of the Carbs that refused to autherize them to Replace!

I relunctely paid the bill and got on the bike and rode it the 40 miles home... It ran like it has always run... STRONG!

You would think that a shop would not try and "bend someone over counter" who brings in a modified custom bike.... But I guess times are so hard right now that they feel it is OK to try and RIP people off or at least try!

I will never, ever return to Daytona Fun Machines... For anything! And I will tell everyone How they operate.


Posted on: 2013/10/9 17:31
Later/Steve Jasse

Re: Daytona Fun Machines
2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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$96 to replace 2 spark plugs and try to conjure up a story to rid you of $1200? That is so pathetic for sure. I am sure you were amused by this, but still to pay $96 for a $2.50 part?

Posted on: 2013/10/9 18:52
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
VMOA Webmaster

Re: Daytona Fun Machines
Quite a regular
2012/12/25 14:50
From Oldsmar,Florida
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Amazing the shit some shops thy to pull

Posted on: 2013/10/9 19:22

Re: Daytona Fun Machines
Not too shy to talk
2002/8/6 12:00
From Hamburg, NY
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Sadly that's way too common at "Stealerships" !

Posted on: 2013/10/11 14:47

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