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Tech Review: Galfer Braided Stainless Steel Brake/Clutch Lines
2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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Product Review: Galfer Braided Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch Lines for Gen-I VMax by Chris McKenzie
From Summer 2013 Vboost

It is definitely easier for me to justify safety upgrades for my VMax than it is to justify performance upgrades. The hydraulic lines on my 2003 VMax were still the stock assemblies, and they were starting to feel a little squishy. So buying a set of replacement front brake, rear brake and clutch lines from Morley’s Muscle was a fairly easy decision.
There are some options when it comes to buying the Gal¬fer lines. For starters, there are at least ten color choices. Black or silver seem fairly plain when you can choose from a rainbow of colors that may match your customizing needs. I chose red, and they are a bright glossy finish. They are slightly opaque – so you can see the SS braid beneath.
O n c e you have chosen your color, you need to decide whether you go with the two-line front set or the three-line front set. The stock setup has three lines - one from the reservoir to the splitter (under the head¬light, behind the “Yamaha” cover) and one to each caliper. I chose to replace that with a two-line setup that utilizes a longer banjo bolt. The routing of the lines was definitely more challenging than the direct replacement of the three-line set. To complicate this, there are also options for the angle of the fittings on the ends of the lines and the length of the lines. If you decide to customize the routing further, you have six options for angle and whatever length you need. I went with the standard set and had good success.
Upon arrival of the parts, the packaging was clear and well labeled. The lines seemed to be tightly wound within the plastic boxes and I was worried that they may need some “hang time” or extra effort to straighten, but to my surprise, they were very flexible and straightened easily. All of the parts were there – even extra gaskets (soft aluminum instead of the stock copper.) The clutch line comes with a tiny brass adapter that goes in the end of the line for fit to the slave cylinder. Be extra careful when opening – you do not want to lose it.
Before dis¬assembly, use your camera to take a few pictures of your current line lay¬out. This will help when re-routing the new Galfers. Also, you can choose to remove the fitting covers from the stock lines for re-use on the new ones. The covers will be looser fit¬ting, but a small zip-tie helped keep them in place. Consideration needs to be made for the locations on the frame of the bike where there are “clips” that hold the lines in place. I managed to carefully split and peel off the rubber from the stock lines for re-use on the new. I also used some new quarter inch black rubber hose where there were spots that looked as if they would rub. A little creativity is required in this department, so be patient and try a few different approaches.
The hose lengths were appropriate on the front brakes and the clutch, but I feel I could have used a little more length, or a slightly better angle, for the rear brake line (at the reservoir end.) Again, the lines are very flexible, but I feel it was a bit of a tight fit.
Once I had all of the lines in place, I had to spend some quality time bleeding them. I have a hand-pump style bleeder that helped purge the brown fluid out in ex¬change for new clear juice. I still had to pump the levers and pedal for the final bleed, but success was eventually had.
Bleeding Tip #1: NEVER run the reservoir dry. This results in a lot of extra time working out air.
Bleeding Tip #2: Turn your bars to the left when bleeding the front brake lines. Turn your bars to the right when bleeding the clutch line. This keeps the reservoir above the lines and helps let any trapped bubbles rise.
All in all, the Galfer SS braided lines were well packaged, easy to work with and they look great. Best of all, they perform well on the road. The squishy feeling from the old lines is gone, and I have more “feel.” I would recommend this product to anyone with the desire or need to make a switch to something better looking and better performance.

Chris McKenzie

Posted on: 2013/11/4 12:33
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
VMOA Webmaster

Re: Tech Review: Galfer Braided Stainless Steel Brake/Clutch Lines
Just popping in
2012/12/17 0:43
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I agree with Chris. The lines do feel to be a little short. An extra inch on the clutch line would have been nice.

I installed speed bleeders after several failed attempts to get all of the air out. They were well worth the cost.

Posted on: 2014/8/3 18:11

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