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Story of Maxgasser!
2001/8/20 12:00
From Mount Airy
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I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the majority of you that don’t know me or my story. My name is Rick Poirier, I'm the MAXGASSER guy (AKA TWISTEDMAX). A Fabricator by day.

I've owned VMax's since the early nineties but have been in love with them since 85. I’ve had a few, including a “MADMAX” chain drive 1992, a 1989 I called the Boston beater (It was ruff when I got it and I just kept beating it). Then I got “Mable” the 1989 that I still own. None of these bikes were very ergonomically comfortable, after all they are VMaxes!

Fast forward to Dec 2009, the comfort issue with the VMax had bothered me, for quite some time, so in Dec., 2009 I decided to try to design a completely new seat. One that would be comfortable AND functional! I only told a couple people, because I had no idea if I would succeed, and I didn’t want to be on an epic “fail” list somewhere.

For the next six months I spent every night, after work, and weekends in my garage. I lost many, many nights of sleep and I'm sure drove my wife nuts.

I hoped it would work out, well enough, to maybe sell a few to off set the cost of making the molds and the supplies I used during the R&D. In my wildest dreams, I had visions of a GEN II in my garage, if my new seat system worked and sold.

On Memorial day, 2010 I introduced the “MAXGASSER” to a Group of VMax enthusiasts at "The Brownie Run", (a gathering of about 10-12 VMaxers in New York). It was received very well, and I got commitments for two of the first five seats!

In June, that same year, I packed my VMax with the prototype seat, along with the seats I had for sale, into the truck for the trip to Johnstown, Pa. For “Thunder in the Valley”. Again the “MAXGASSER” was received well.

It's now been three years since I began the design process and there are now more the Fifty “MAXGASSER's” out there Making VMaxers' “seats” more comfortable, all over the world, Australia, South Africa, England, Israel, Canada and of course the USA.

I would like to thank all off those, who have bought or tried a “MAXGASSER”. Even those of you who may consider a “MAXGASSER” Seat, in the future. You have helped my dreams come true. “Percie”, a 2010 Gen-II VMax, now sits in my garage!

Since I bought the Gen-II, I have been giving a lot of thought to designing a Gen-II “MAXGASSER” Seat. I have a good idea/vision in my head but its a lengthy process and there really hasn’t been a lot of interest in a “better” seat for the Gen-II yet, so it remains on the back burner.

I have, however, developed a new product for the GEN-II, the “MAXRELAXER's” a (somewhat) adjustable set of “highway bars” with simple One bolt installation. Right now there are only two prototype sets, one on my bike and one with a beta tester in Michigan. If there is enough interest, for me to proceed, I hope to have a first run of ten sets ready for late winter or early spring, 2013.

So if your interested in a clean, simple to install, set of highway bars for your GEN-II, or the most comfortable aftermarket Gen-I seat available, give me a call, 413-668-6194 or email me at maxgasser2010@hotmail.com

Rick Poirier VMOA #5219

Posted on: 2013/11/4 14:53

Edited by vmax2extreme on 2013/11/4 18:03:55
Be safe out there and enjoy the ride....

Mike Moore
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