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Just popping in
2016/10/27 16:05
From st. charles
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i was riding my bike onto a flatbed to have it serviced and it tipped on its side onto me. Damage was minimal: right side mirror broke and the right side exhaust chrome tip got a little rash from hitting the concrete. I was very fortunate that I did not get hurt and 'minimal' damage to the bike as described. So, here's the issue: My bike is in super excellent, stock condition and I want to keep it that way, so I'm looking to replace the exhaust with OEM. My friend is a V-Max owner and was a salesman at a YAMAHA dealership so he know quit a bit. The question came up as to what years did the V-MAX get produced with a black chrome exhaust? When I call companies to purchase the exhaust (yes, they seem to still have them from YAMAHA- that is they have to order them) they don't know if they are the black ones or the chrome ones. Does anyone know the exact years that the black chrome exhausts were used??? Maybe then, I can order the correct part. I don't want the black ones. In addition, here's a bit more. A couple of years after purchasing the bike, new in 1986, I went down with it. The pipes were destroyed and I was able to order a brand new set (about as expensive as they are today - $700-900) actually they were about $1,200 way back when). They have been on my bike since then and are the ones that I want to replace now. They are chrome except for the part where the exhaust tip delivers the exhaust gas at the end of the pipe. It's black and not chrome as the original was. Any info or help would be appreciated. thanks

Posted on: 2017/10/24 23:52

Not too shy to talk
2013/7/4 18:27
From Galesburg
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the 96 VMAX looks like the only year for black chrome exhaust. the end caps on the other hand could include other years. Check out vmaxguru.com for some cool history. hope this helps.

Posted on: 2017/10/25 1:10

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